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Welcome to Energy Therapies, my name is Valeria and I, just like you, are energy manifested in our beautiful body temples. 

It has always been my passion to bring more wellbeing into the world and to help unleash the potential and power within each one of us so we can live fulfilling and purposeful lives aligned with our deep Soul's desire.


Since I was young, I had a deep inner knowing that we have the ability to heal ourselves and help others do the same. It was only years later that life brought me back into this path as I went through my own journey of healing and transformation.


I had the fortune to travel the world, study and enjoy my work. Yet, in 2009, I was recently married with a picture-perfect life but I was feeling an immense void within me. I was sad, and longing for something that nothing that I had or any achievement could fill.


It was my sister that introduced me to Reiki and I never looked back. The master in Reiki Usui catapulted me into a rollercoaster and my life went upside down, but I wanted more. My external world changed several times as I continued to walk a journey that didn’t have any other destination but within.


I created this space to offer powerful energy therapies that will connect you at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Your energy is unique, you are unique. My sessions are tailored for you and I offer a safe space, free from judgment  in which you can share and receive. 


It is a blessing and an honour to be part of your journey of healing and transformation.​



Natural, Energy medicine


Certified Chakra Yoga teacher 500hs

Certified Anusara Teacher 300hs

Therapeutic Yoga
Advanced Philosophy
Pre & Post Natal Yoga


Akashic Records

Intuitive reading

Rahani Teacher

Theta Healing Basic and Advanced

Theta healing Advanced Courses

Angelic Reiki Master

Karuna Reiki Master

Usui Reiki Master

Bottles of Homeopathic Pills
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